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Whether you are using an automated stainer or hand staining, run a control slide and review before any patient samples are stained. I also suggest that only start or endpoint QC is not enough and you should consider incorporating continuous QC/QA at regular intervals for the stain set-up, to ensure the highest quality and provide adequate control of the process. You should be able to determine, in a very short time, the end point of the stain set up and then add QC checks for slide quality at 1/3 and 2/3 through the run or anytime a solution container is changed or rotated.


In our lab, with the regents used and staining protocols available to select, we have determined that a stain set of solutions, on our automated instrument, will maintain agreed and desired quality the pathologist will accept for 1500 slides (I strongly suggest counting slides, not runs or racks). We stop processing patient slides and run the control slide at runs 1, 500, 1000 (+- 10% to allow for process flow and variance). The slides are reviewed for acceptance or rejection by a Coordinator or higher and when acceptable,patient slides may be placed on the instrument. All QC slides are saved for review and the QC maintenance sheet is filed daily. This process captures the employee that set up and monitors the instrument and the employee that QC'd along w/ the QC review results. The control slide is a multi-tissue slide that must contain the four highest volume tissue types for the lab. Each pathologist receives a daily Quality Review sheet to report any variance, issues or problems for all cases read.


Think through your process, communicate with the pathologist and develop a QC/QA system/process that creates accountability for all employees, supports production of quality results and meets your regulatory needs.  

William DeSalvo, B.S., HTL(ASCP)
System Production Manager

Sonora Quest Laboratories

NSH Quality Control Committee Chairperson

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> I will appreciate it, if you guys could share your method/procedure for H & E QC with me. Thanking you all for your usual cooperation.
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