[Histonet] US HT

Janelle Powers shiningstar1713 <@t> yahoo.com
Tue Mar 23 16:59:43 CDT 2010

Hello Malika,
I am not sure about sponsorship and immigration but what I can tell you is that to apply for an HT from ASCP you can take the exam which requires you to have either an associates degree with a combined twelve credits in chemistry and biology, as well as one year experience as a histotech, or you can take a NACCLE'S accredited course to be eligible for the exam. You maybe able to convert you UK credentials to ASCP I am not totally sure. This website should help http://www.ascp.org/FunctionalNavigation/certification/International.aspx. Hope this helps a little. I myself wanted to know what the requirements would be  if I wanted to convert my HT ASCP into UK accreditation. Any advice you have would be great! Thanks and good luck! 


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