[Histonet] Anti-human abs work on porcine tissue

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This is great FYI, Jan.  Our lab works a lot with pig tissues, too. And we, 
too, have found in our lab that a number of human Abs appear to work on pig 
tissues.  Still, I can definitely appreciate the difficulties in finding a 
pig-specific antibody, dealing the unknowns of cross-reactivity and degree 
of homology.

Jan, I will certainly keep you in mind when we are seaching for a 
porcine-reacting antibody! Thanks for sharing that.


--On Thursday, March 18, 2010 7:48 AM -0500 Jan Shivers <shive003 <@t> umn.edu> 

> I work on all species, porcine being one of them.  I've never done a %
> survey of the number of Abs made against human epitopes that also work on
> porcine tissue, but I can give you generalizations.
> All of the rabbit polyclonal antibodies that I've tried have
> cross-reacted with porcine tissue.  The polyclonals that I use the most
> are the Abs against hormones, neuroendocrine markers, vasculature,
> astrocytes, etc.
> Most of the mouse monoclonal antibodies that I've tried have
> cross-reacted with porcine tissue.  These would be the intermediate
> filaments, melanoma antigens, cell proliferating antigens, neuroendocrine
> markers, etc.
> You may have more difficulty with leukocyte markers (CD markers).  They
> seem to have less homology with human markers than the above items, and
> not all cross-react, in my experience.  You only learn this by trial and
> error, unfortunately, since data about species cross-reactivity is rare.
> I have 2 polyclonal and 2 monoclonal CD markers that cross-react with
> porcine.  That is not to say that there aren't more, but that's all that
> I currently have worked up on porcine tissue.
> I have not tried Abs like ER, PR, CEA, TTF, etc.
> I've done species cross-reactivity studies with every antibody I have in
> stock (>80), so if you send me a list of the antibodies you're interested
> in (directly to me), I can let you know which ones cross-react with
> porcine tissue, and which vendor works for me.
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> I work with some porcine tissues and it is sometimes difficult to find
> antibodies specific to pig. A doctor I work with asked some one he knew
> in Europe about using antibodies that are listed as working in human
> being used on porcine tissue. This person stated that there would be
> about a 10% chance that the anti-human antibodies would work on porcine
> tissues. The antibody companies mostly give the same "we did not try it
> on pig tissue" response. I understand that it is likely expensive to
> continue to test antibodies on a wide variety of animal tissues, so that
> is fine. But what do you guys think about the 10% chance? I would have
> said more than that.
> Thank you in advance for your time,
> Cathy
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