[Histonet] Happy Histotechnology Professionals Day from Pam Barker at RELIA

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Wed Mar 10 11:10:28 CST 2010

Hi Histonetters!!
I wanted to take a moment and say Happy Histotechnology Professionals
Day.  I really have enjoyed reading about how some of you have gotten
into the field.  I have to say that I had only heard of the field when I
started recruiting in histology 8 years ago.  When I went to college at
UF in 1978 I wanted to be in a healthcare field but couldn't find one
that seemed right for me.  I wish my career counselor had known about
and told me about histology, I believe that if they had I would be in a
lab today.  I ended up getting a B.S. in Psychology and became a
recruiter.  For 18 years I worked in several different areas of
recruiting and then in 2002 I spoke to my first histotech and haven't
looked back.  I want to thank you not only for the job that you do and
the lives that you save but also for allowing me to work with you in
improving your careers.  In all my years of recruiting I have never
worked with a more professional, appreciative, honest and truly
enjoyable group of people.  Kudos to you!!
I am curious as to how everyone has celebrated today.  I starting
celebrating yesterday by contacting each and everyone of my 1000+
client/employers to let them know that today is the inaugural National
Histotechnology Professionals Day.  Hopefully, if they weren't already
doing something to show thier appreciation they are now!!  I hope
everyone has a great day!!
Thank You!
Pam Barker
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