[Histonet] Histology Day

Durden, Kelley kelleydurden <@t> pathology.ufl.edu
Wed Mar 10 11:14:08 CST 2010

Thanks to the Air Force and AFIP!

I entered basic training and did not have a guaranteed job.  I listed Histology as the 4th choice in my order of preferences for job placement, having no idea what in the heck histology was.  No one there knew what it was either and I thought I'd be doing "normal" lab work with blood, etc

Little did I know tissue, slides and stains were my path and I love what I do.  Without the military and AFIP's amazing program who knows where I'd be now.

Clinical histology is amazing but I am now in research and I've been exposed to a whole new aspect of histology.

Thanks to all who are part of this awesome field!


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