[Histonet] Re: Using GEWF solution and IHC staining

Robert Richmond rsrichmond <@t> gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 12:39:57 CDT 2010

GEWF (glacial acetic acid, ethanol, distilled water, 40% formaldehyde)
solution, Davidson's fixative (3 parts water, 3 parts alcohol, 2 parts
37% formaldehyde, 1 part glacial acetic acid), and various proprietary
products (Dissect-Aid, O-Fix, and others) are all used to fix fatty
tissue in order to recover as many lymph nodes as possible. The
unfixed fatty tissue is separated from the rest of the specimen and
fixed overnight in the "disclosing fixative".

A good many pathologists, including me, like these fixatives for colon
cancers. I've also used it for radical neck dissection specimens. It's
not necessary for axillary dissection specimens for breast cancer,
since the lymph nodes are big and easy to find.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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