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   I  totally  agree!!!   Why  did  I spend the time, effort, and mo   (additionally  to  stay  certified)  if  I  am  not going to get a pay
   incenti   would  you     as  someone  who  had   exam...of  course  not  (in fact y   person!).    I   have  worked  in  places     "non-registered  histotechs",  my question always was..   this  position?   I  had to pay my dues as an underpaid lab   like  I'm  sure  everyone  else  did while getting my degree and regi   stry...why  shouldn't  everyone  else?   I  know in the past it really
   gets   an  hour  th   say  listen  to     money you make!!!
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   registrati   HT  and HTL's. Ma   is  there  to  weed  out     cannot  pass  the  test,  you have n   have.
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   Ask management if he would suddenly be a better technician and more
   valuable if he passed the exam? Duh - no. In my opinion, merit
   increases should be based on merit - not documentation.
   If he's not eligible, he's not eligible. Does your management increase
   pay based on certification? So, if a certified tech with one year of
   experience came to your lab, they would be paid more than an incumbent
   tech with 8 years experience? Sounds like you have some dinosaur
   management there.
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   [Histonet] (no subject)
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   [17]histonet-bou   Hello All in Histoland,
   I  have  a  tech who is employed as Histotech eligible, but he was not
   to pass the HT exam and now is no longer eligible to thake the test
   because he has to get his associates degree in science. The lab
   management  wants  to  change  his  title  from  histotech eligible to
   histotech  non-registered  without  pay  increase.  But I feel the pay
   should be
   increased. So I would appreciate comments on the following:
   1.) should title be changed from eligible to non-registered?
   2.) After having done this for 8 years should his pay stay the same?
   3. Should job responsibilities remain the same
   Thank you in advance for feedback!
   Histotech in Oklahoma
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