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   Is  this  run backwards ok?  I want to keep the fat.  In    want the fat?

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   Hi  Sarah,  I  don't  melt them down I just drop them in with my dirty
   molds  an   processor.  The  Xylene    clean  cycle  is complete I just   process that evening. It works very w   Cheryl A. Miller HT(ASAP)cm
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   Hello all!! Hope everyone had a happy 4th!! Question =day is...I
   grossed in some fat that I need to routine process. I ha= done
   this  in  the  past  with  extra  fixation and no problem? This tim=
   however  it didn't fix all the way through and I have oily unfixed fat
   in =e middle of my block. I fixed for 48 hours, but guess my
   section we= too big and needed more. I want to fix for a little
   longer and rep=cess the block. I know I need to melt it down, but
   then what? =ave done this before, it's just my brain is getting
   older =)
   Thanks in advance!!
   Sarah Goebel, B.A., HT (=CP)
   XBiotech USA Inc.
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