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We incubate the trichrome-slides after deparaffination for 2 hours in 56°C,
then rinse in warm tapwater until the slides are colourless. Then another
rinse in distilled water, because I don't want carry over from tapwater into
the weigert's iron hematoxylin. ...

If you let bouins in the tissue, it acts like a stain. Think of vanGieson
staining solution (also called picrofuchsin).

It sounds like the processing after bouin-fixation and the trichrom staining
are mixed up. Or the protocols of trichrom-staining of NBF-fixed and
bouin-fixed tissue are mixed up.


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Dear Histonet
I have question concerning bouin solution, we use it in masson trichrome
starting the stain. we incubate the slides trimmed at 3 micron in bouin
for 18 hr in room temp which is not controlled. Then we wash the
slides using 
running water first and then distilled water, but according to what 
i red, when using bouin solution,the tissue should be washed with (50-70)% 
alcohol to prevent deterioration of staining in time. now i should
mention that 
in the our  masson trichrome procedure there is no washing with alcohol but
with water. 

what should i do? In the book its mentioned that we have to wash with
alcohol if 
the tissue is not processed yet, is that why the alcohol step is missing in 
masson tri procedure?and why will the stain deteriorate if some of the bouin

solution stayed in the tissue?
The main fixative that is used in our lab for all grooses and biopsy is 10% 
formalin (except bone marrow biopsy). bouin solution is used after
processing of 
the tissue and deparaffinization of the sections is finished.

Shorh hospital
North of Iraq

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