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Hi Jay,

I have the Ventana Benchmark XT...love it......BUT Leica is LESS EXPENSIVE!!!

Reasons to buy Leica Bond:

1.        Does IHC and ISH (yes- so does the Ventana)

2.       Continuous feed (Ventana does NOT offer this!!!!)

3.       Space saver, much smaller footprint than Benchmark

4.       No wasted antibodies...

5.       Not forced to buy EXPENSIVE prep kits either....

6.       Cost to run with reagents is about 40% less than Ventana- Yes! I did my own cost analysis

7.       Won't blow tissue off the slide!

8.       No where near the waste that Benchmark has!!!

I went to the Leica Symposium in San Francisco last week. I was able to ask many grueling questions... They did a very good job of honestly addressing each one.

Honestly, if I was asked right now to buy...it would be Leica!



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 I currently use the Ventana and am very pleased with the results I get.

The only draw back is the cost to run the instrument. It can get quite

pricey. They added space on the antibody wheel but took space away from the

slide area. This has impacted our work flow greatly. We are however looking

to purchase a second one. This one will have continual through put. That

should help out with TAT. Hope this helps.

Beatrice Sullivan, HT(A.S.C.P.) HTL , AAS, CLSP(N.C.A.)

AP Supervisor

Shore Memorial Hospital


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                                       [Histonet] Ventana vs Leica

             08/24/2010 02:30


     I was wondering if anyone out there had experience with both the

Ventana Ultra and the Leica Bond immunostainers.  I realize that most


have a personal preference as to brands, but I'm not looking for a


opinion (LEICA RULZ!!!!11 or VENTANA FTW!!), just someone who has had


experience working on a daily basis with both instruments.  If this is you,

could you please tell me which you preferred and why.

     I'm currently working for a facility in MT which has narrowed down its

search to these two instruments.  No vendors please, they've already given

their pitches.


                                                              Jay A.

Lundgren M.S., HTL (ASCP)


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