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It depends on the number of slides as well as time on the shelf and a little 
common sense.Your stock solutions have a longer shelf life than your working.  I 
worked in a lab that perfomed a large number of Masson's by hand( until 
purchasing the Artisan)  We changed the solutions once a week to insure 
consistent staining.  If you perform these stains only twice a month, your 
results will be more consistant if you make the Weigert's fresh  and watch the 
level of your aniline blue, evaporation will make it more concentrated.  On the 
other hand a large volume of slides will weaken the working solutions. following 
is a link that lists some guidelines for storing stock solutions

Rena Fail


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To all:

We keep having the same discussion re:  special stains.  How long can you use
them before discarding?  I am specifically referring to the stains used in
Masson's Trichrome.

We are a research lab and, therefore, don't run the volume that most labs do.
We have found, for instance, that we can use the Weigert's Hematoxylin (A&B)
more than once, with filtering (even though it is stated it should be made
fresh).  We also use Bouin's Fix, Biebrich Scarlet and Aniline Blue more than
once.  Is there a "set rule" when we should discard these solutions (i.e. after
5X use or 1 month)?

I would appreciate some feedback from the experts!


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