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We don't perfom Masson Trichrome but the one-step Gomori version and another
rather similar trichrome called SFOG.
I use Bouins for one year, better said, when the reagens in the coplin jar
goes low, I fill it up again.
Our selfmade SFOG solution is used even longer than one year. And the
commercial Gomori-solution is used for a half year.
Weigert's is made once a week, but the results show that the older solution
doesn't work as well. Since nuclei aren't really important in the
trichromes, it doesn't matter that much.

It's important, that the pH is correct and low enough, to render the
solution stable.
Our numbers of stained trichromes are about 150 to 200 per year.


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To all:

We keep having the same discussion re:  special stains.  How long can you
them before discarding?  I am specifically referring to the stains used in
Masson's Trichrome.

We are a research lab and, therefore, don't run the volume that most labs
We have found, for instance, that we can use the Weigert's Hematoxylin (A&B)
more than once, with filtering (even though it is stated it should be made
fresh).  We also use Bouin's Fix, Biebrich Scarlet and Aniline Blue more
once.  Is there a "set rule" when we should discard these solutions (i.e.
5X use or 1 month)?

I would appreciate some feedback from the experts!

Peggy Sherwood
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