[Histonet] de-wax without organics

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     I am curious what temperature and percent detergent you are using. Also
which detergent did you use? Some are different than others. Do you have a
list of special stains you have tried? I am sure this will probably work
great, I just think that it is conceivable for different labs using
different detergents, different concentrations and different temperatures to
get different results with some stains.
     This is a really cool subject and if you could compile the information
into an article I could find it a home in the Paraffin Press for the
Connecticut Society. Just in case you are interested.


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We have run some preliminary tests on de-waxing slides using warm detergent
solutions rather than xylene or xylene substitutes.  So far the pathologists
see no difference between the H&E stained slides treated with detergent vs.
the usual xylene to alcohol to water route; the cellular detail is
equivalent and the dye reactions appear identical.   We have also run
comparisons for several special stains and IHC slides with good results.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who is aware of reasons why
this is a bad idea!  It is quicker and reduces the volume of organics
required by half so we are seriously considering it as an alternative

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Tresa Goins
Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
Department of Livestock
Bozeman, Montana

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