[Histonet] More Copper stain thickness

Carrie Disbrow disbrc <@t> shands.ufl.edu
Mon Sep 28 21:16:40 CDT 2009

Hi Histonet!
Regarding the discussion about the thickness of FFPE sections for Rhodanine copper, ie 3 um vs. 6 um, someone asked me:  If everyone agreed that thicker sections are better, how it can be a 50/50 split about the thickness? Isn't that an unsustainable contradiction? (and I thank them for that question too!)
I was saying that yes everyone agrees that more copper will show up in thicker sections and 50 % of the respondents said that they can demonstrate copper in thin sections too however the positive staining will be a little weaker than in the 6 micron sections. 
I hope that answers the question.

I'm the one who does not want to change our procedure until our lab can prove  3 um sections demonstrate copper. The problem is that we get unstained slides cut at 3 um and no block (consult cases). 

Also, someone asked if:
"In this case, do thicker sections hold more intact cells?" because the " intact nuclei will hold more stain/dye than sectioned nuclei (not sealed to the slide) in a procedure that requires a 'differentiation' step with the mordant."

I'm sure the answer to that is, "It depends."
Thanks for all your help!

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