[Histonet] Vendor Gripe (was: Slide labels used with IHC Instruments)

Peter Carroll carrolpb <@t> umdnj.edu
Fri Sep 11 10:56:37 CDT 2009

 > Other vendors have been shot in the knees for doing what you appear 
to be doing! You are openly soliciting!

Since we're on the subject, I also wish vendors would stop searching the 
Histonet Archives for certain keywords involving their products, then 
cold-calling/emailing/spamming people who posted/replied to said threads 
with sales-pitches. For example, not to name names (Renee Schultz at 
Thermo-Fisher) but someone recently wrote me a series of 
sales-soliciting emails, explaining that they were "following up on an 
earlier conversation" we had had. Since I tend to remember actual 
conversations I've had (and her name/inquiry didn't sound familiar), I 
questioned her, and she freely admitted to perusing the archives and 
actually maintaining a sort of database of our comments on this list to 
use for future sales pitches... one of which I received... 6 months 
after the fact... despite the fact that I was answering someone else's 
question about a product, not complaining about it or searching for a 
new vendor myself!

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