[Histonet] Vitamin D Receptor Staining

richardsje <@t> verizon.net richardsje <@t> verizon.net
Tue Sep 1 11:53:12 CDT 2009

   I  have  been  trying  perform  immunohistochemisty  on formalin-fixed
   paraffin-embedded skin samples with a vitamin D receptor antibody with
   no  luck.  I'm  using  the  Abnova  antibody VDR monoclonal, clone 2F4
   (catalog  #H00007421-M02).  Has  anyone  used  this  antibody, even on
   non-skin  samples? If so, what was your protocol? Or, if you have used
   a  different  mouse VDR antibody, could you let me know how it worked?


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