[Histonet] Re: Embeeding frozen tissue in paraffin

Hobbs, Carl carl.hobbs <@t> kcl.ac.uk
Fri May 15 13:40:33 CDT 2009

Embedding frozen tissue in Pwax is very possible, Tomasz.
If your tissue has been frozen NOT using OCT, just place the frozen tissue into acetone that has been cooled to -20C.
x3 changes of -20C acetone ,  then immediately place tissue into molten pwax x3 changes.
Agitate frequently, gently.
I assume that your specimens are small: you will have more problems with morphology if you have BIG pieces of tissue.
I have done this with whole mouse cerebellum and the pwax H&Es looked OK...I never went further due to a job change.
(I used x3 acetone changes over 24Hrs, then x3 Pwax over a period of 3Hrs)
Very good Q...please keep experimenting and asking.
However, it is always best to give a reason for your Q, then you might  not get questions to your questions ;-)
So, why do you want to do this?


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