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Live going pale is a good sign, your tissues of interest going pale is an 
even better sign, but fluid coming out of the mouth (or even the nose, or 
additionally, any kind of bloating or swelling in the animal) is a bad 
sign. You may not be able to get good perfusion (pale tissues) if this 
happens before your tissues turn pale, as the pressure is too high causing 
fluid to leak out of the vasculature....ideally you want to push the blood 
out through the the hole you made in the right atrium, not through the 
walls of the vessels. at what rate do you perfuse? if this happens a lot 
slow it down.

Hope this helps.

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> Hi Everyone!!
>    I am perfusing CO2 euthanized 3 weeks old mice with PBS only.  I am
> nicking the upper right atrium of heart to collect the gushed out blood
> and then perfusing through ventricle using a 21G butterfly needle and
> peristaltic pump.  Sometimes I see the lungs swelling up and fluid comes
> out of mouth.  Occasionally, I see the liver fade to light pink.  Most of
> the time the paws become white.  But the brain and spinal cord (my
> tissues of interest) are always white, and seem to have been perfused.  I
> was wondering how to improve this to get more consistent good perfusions,
> and what signs should I look for to indicate good perfusion?
> Thanks much,
> Dzung
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