[Histonet] Re:Triton X-100 instability

Matthew T Close mtc205 <@t> Lehigh.EDU
Thu Feb 26 13:29:22 CST 2009

   I  have  not  heard of temperature directly affecting the stability of
   Trit   However   problem,  it  could     affected  its  stability.  How    the  climate  control  crisis?   If     bottle, the higher temps. combined with the e   to  air  may  have provided the means to partially deg   Also,  I  assume  you are diluting your triton X wi   how  much  air  is in the container that you store the    the  summer,  we  have  climate  control  issues  in my lab (us   humidity issues) and I can't have my carboy less than 3/4 of the way    full   or   the  pH  of  my  RO  water  starts  to  drop.   Its  worth
   checking.&nbs   gradually  making  its  way  int   triton  x,  but  it  certainly  could     antibody.

   Matt    <   Matthew T. Close Lehigh University Department of Biological Sciences

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