[Histonet] Histobath Fluids

petuma <@t> mmm.com petuma <@t> mmm.com
Wed Feb 18 10:27:42 CST 2009

I have noted postings by Bob Richmond and others concerning nonflammable 
alternatives to hydrocarbon bath fluids for Histobaths.  I work as a heat 
transfer Application Engineer in the division of 3M that manufactures the 
Novec line of fluids including the HFE-7100 that has been mentioned.  I do 
not want my posting to be too commercial but it is true that this fluid 
and others of similar chemistry functions quite well in these applications 
and have also been used in tissue preservation applications.  I am happy 
to provide more information off-line to any interested parties.  Please do 
not hesitate to contact me at petuma <@t> mmm.com.

Phil E. Tuma
3M Electronics Markets 
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