[Histonet] Cleaning oil off objectives

Adam . anonwums1 <@t> gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 19:19:49 CDT 2009

Hi all,

You guys were so helpful on my last question, I'll ask another. We have a
microscope shared by the floor with several objectives, and it's pretty
common for the non-immersion objectives to get contaminated with oil. I
asked the guy who is responsible for the scope about this. He said that they
call someone from some company who carefully cleans the objectives with
acetone and a Q-tip, which if done right works wonders but if done wrong it
can damage the lenses. But he mentioned that the lenses are usually
re-contaminated within a few weeks since so many people use the scope, so
it's sort of a pointless endeavor. This system seems pretty silly to me... I
feel like there must be an easier and cheaper way to clean the lenses
without damaging them; I certainly don't want to be responsible for damaging
a microscope that costs more than my yearly salary. What do you recommend?


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