[Histonet] IHC on frozen vs paraffin embedded tissue

Angelina Fong fong <@t> zoology.ubc.ca
Mon Aug 10 01:39:06 CDT 2009

Hi Everyone,

I have a number of questions regarding paraffin embedding as I am a 
newbie to this type of tissue processing. 

I am wondering if anyone has any insight on doing IHC on frozen and 
paraffin embedded tissue for the same antigen.   Is there much 
difference in the quality of the IHC, ie intensity of label (mostly 
fluorscence), distribution etc.  Would you expect to be able to use 
similar concentration of antibody for both procedures?  Would the IHC be 
comparable between the two tissue sets?

The reason I am asking is that we have one tissue set (blood vessels) 
already processed for IHC using frozen cryocut sections, however, we 
have another set of tissue that may will be paraffin embedded for 
storage and transport from Sth America to Canada.  Would we be able to 
use the same procedures that we have used so far on the frozen cryocut 
sections, on the paraffin embedded tissue?  Or would we have to start 
all over again? 

Or does anyone know if you can 'retrieve' the tissue from the paraffin 
and then cryoprotect and freeze it? 

Thank you for any advice you might have!



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