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Welcome back!  We use 10% NBF also to fix our mouse & rat brains and 
spinal cords, and I use Ultrastick slides for sectioning (6 um sections 
are standard here, that's what my boss likes). I bake them in a 60 
degrees C oven for 30 minutes-overnight (depending on my schedule).   
It's rare that I have tissue come off the Ultrastick slides during 
staining...but then I stain my slides manually since we don't have an 
autostainer yet.

Good luck,
Kathleen  Roberts
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Breeden, Sara wrote:

>Yes, I'm back.  I need the expertise of this group.
>I am trying to convince my three pathologists that fixation in alcoholic
>formalin is the best route for whole brain and spinal cord.  This has
>been an uphill battle and in order to prevent sections from peeling off
>during staining, I am still pre-drying necropsy brain slides for an
>extra 20 minutes before putting on the auto-stainer (even this does not
>prevent all instances). I need some expert ammunition for my "battle"
>despite the fact that the SOP I've written requires it and it is rarely
>followed.  If alcoholic formalin is not as good as some other method,
>I'm open to suggestion. Of course, convincing them that thinner sections
>would also help - but one step at a time!  Thank you in advance!
>Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)
>NM Dept. of Agriculture
>Veterinary Diagnostic Services
>PO Box 4700
>Albuquerque, NM  87106
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