[Histonet] Technovit 7200 (isobornylmethacrylate) staining

Garcia, Lori, Sr. Scientist lori.garcia <@t> medtronic.com
Fri Apr 3 18:12:00 CDT 2009

This question is specifically for Linda Jenkins or anyone who has worked
with Technovit 7200,

I am trying to do an H&E stain on ~70 um thick ground sections on
plastic slides. I have followed the Donath method all the way through
processing, but the sections do not pick up stains the way the booklet
says they should. I am even having trouble following GMA staining
procedures that I have found, in fact am afraid to try too many because
the acrylic forms tiny cracks that interfere with microscopy. I have
researched the histonet archives, but haven't found anything other than
a couple of similar inquiries. 

I would very much appreciate any advice from people who have worked with
this specific formulation.

Happy Friday!



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