[Histonet] Fibrin stain

Bobrowitz, Carol cbobrowi <@t> mcw.edu
Mon Nov 17 14:45:13 CST 2008

Hello Everyone,


I need to do some staining for fibrin.

One stain will be the PTAH.

I would make up the stain but ripening time I don't have.

Any recommendations for a vendor who makes and supplies the PTAH stain


Also an acid red 35 stain has been mentioned.  

I'm pretty sure I've been told the wrong acid red.

There are stains for fibrin that use an acid red.

Any recommendations would be appreciated?


Thank you in advance for your help.


Carol Ann Bobrowitz HT/HTL

Department of Physiology

Medical College of Wisconsin



cbobrowi <@t> mcw.edu


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