[Histonet] Re: Oil red o for lipid success, clean results

Gayle Callis gayle.callis <@t> bresnan.net
Mon Nov 17 14:43:40 CST 2008

We have used the Churukian method for oil red O staining of lipids for years.  It totally avoids the messy, thick, gooey propylene glycol method and is very clean. It is a simple method, with easy to make up reagents.   

It can be done on fresh tissue frozen sections fixed immediately after sectioning by immersion fixation in NBF (or paraformaldehyde) OR one can section formalin fixed tissue cryoprotected in 30% sucrose before freezing.  After staining, the section can be counterstained with hematoxylin.  

I will be happy to forward the protocol via private email attachment.  It also works very well for lipids in cell cultures. 

Gayle M. Callis

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