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We've been using CoPath for about 7 years now, and we print out our slide labels from CoPath that has both accession number and patient's name.  You can have your slide label designed however you want it practically, so if you only want accession number and no name, tell them that.  Making labels changes in CoPath is not hard.  We are accredited by both CAP and JCAHO, and CAP doesn't specify how many identifiers should be on a slide label - but I believe JCAHO refers to 2 patient identifiers.  As with probably most hospital sites, generally if you're a CAP accredited laboratory, JCAHO doesn't really inspect you - besides perhaps doing a walk through and looking for things like safety issues, envrionmental issues, competency, etc.  I've often thought if I had to use 2 identifiers on everything, wouldn't that be a bit much to put on a paraffin block?  Good luck with your CoPath implementation.  
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Our Path lab is changing over to Co-Path, and we were told our slides
had to have two patient identifiers. We only put the surgical number on
our slides and have not seen any slides from other labs with more than
one identifier. Is this is a CAP requirement.

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