[Histonet] plastic sectioning for light microscopy-HELP!!

Danielle Crippen dcrippen <@t> buckinstitute.org
Fri Jan 25 14:36:57 CST 2008

Dear Histo-experts,


This is a first for me as I have only done ultrathin sectioning for EM.


I need 0.5-1um serial sections for light microscopy.  My main problem at
this point is transferring the ribbons to a glass (plus) slide.  No
matter how I try to attempt the transfer, the ribbon comes apart and/or
sections are lost or badly wrinkled.  Any and all suggestions in this
area are very welcome!!


Additionally...once I actually get the sections onto the slide (which
feels like it might be cause for a celebration at this point!!)...what
are the most recommended H&E staining methods (these samples are
embedded in EPON)?


Again...I am a complete novice at plastic sectioning for light
microscopy...so any suggestions are welcome...even the most trivial:-)


A thousand thanks in advance!!






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