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Thanks for sharing.
I do not have big problem in mounted slides from microtome - you pick the sections up from solution. 
But I did have some sections prepared in cryostat came off during BrdU IHC (citrate buffer 95 degree for 30 min , so harsh~~). I am not sure whether this is because of embedding (O.C.T) ? Or something else. Even you use pre-coated slides. 

And, As I mentioned in last email, we found the 0.25% gel-slide works as good as pre-coated slides if the sections were mounted from PBS, washed out all embedding materials. 



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This is for anyone's interest who work with 40um primate brain section 2x3 inches. We routinely 
mount our IHC stained sections from working PBS on pre-subbed brain slides from Brain Research 
To keep the sections on the slides we use a very fine (#0) brush to brush the section flat on the
slide & to remove any PBS that may get trap under the section. We dry overnight. Next day, I
put in oven at 37C - 30 minutes to further dry.
Maria Bartola Mejia
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I have similar questions...
for brain sections.
we found that 0.25% gel coated slides are better than 0.5% or 1% gel in sticking 40 um brain sections.
just want to share this with you guys.
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I like Roti-Bond Adhesion slides for difficult material like bone, you can
also use HIER without problems. But these slides are quite expensive and
require 2-3 days drying time.
2008/12/16 <cmmathis1 <@t>>
> Hello Histonetters,
> We are having trouble getting our paraffin processed cow meniscus sections
> (at 5 microns) to stay on our Superfrost Plus slides.  We are drying them
> overnight in a 58 C oven.  The H&Es look great but the immunos wash every
> time.
> What is your favorite slide for these hard to stay on samples?
> Thanks for your time,
> Cathy
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