[Histonet] membranes and prices

Mary Lou Norman mlm11 <@t> cornell.edu
Fri Dec 5 10:23:32 CST 2008

Hello All,

I have prepared Costar Transwell membrane inserts according to the Corning 
procedure and I can not keep the little suckers on the slides. Subbed, 
charged, and celloidin is not working well. With celloidin, they will stay 
until the last alcohols and then fall off. Any suggestions? I have left the 
slides in a 60oC oven all night before staining.

I seemed to have become a specialty histo lab. I would really appreciate 
someone else figuring out what to charge but it's left to me. Is there a 
lab out there that has a great price list I can "borrow"? As a for 
instance, I have spent 3 days working on these darn membranes with nothing 
to show yet and have no idea what to charge. I do lots of hand processing 
also. What's fair for that?

Thanks for all the help!! (Corning hasn't gotten back to me yet.)
Happy Friday!!
Mary Lou

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