[Histonet] Neurofilament Question

Kathleen Roberts kgrobert <@t> rci.rutgers.edu
Tue Dec 2 15:40:47 CST 2008

I have not used this one personally,but I have used antibodies against 
individual neurofilaments from this same company (before they were taken 
over by Covance), and they were excellent.  If I'm reading this right, 
it IS a cocktail.  Still pricey, but it might be worth a try.  Maybe you 
can get a sample before you buy?  I don't know if Covance does that, but 
it can't hurt to ask.


Good luck,
Kathleen Roberts
Dept of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Rutgers University

Peggy Bisher wrote:

>I have a student who asked if I could post this question to the Histo-list.
>I told her how all of you seem to be very helpful and perhaps some of you
>know the answer to her question:
>Dear all,
>I am looking for a good "catch-all" antibody for neuronal intermediate
>filaments (NF-L, NF-M and NF-H). Since they're generally expressed
>together in each neurofilament I'm not interested in any one of them
>specifically, but want to avoid using a cocktail of antibodies, as
>this could get expensive. Basically, I just want to show that a subset
>of axons contains neurofilaments with a reliable antibody, but the
>particular protein or phosphorylation state doesn't matter. Any
>suggestions you could offer would be incredibly helpful!
>Sincerely, Eve Schneider
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