[Histonet] AO 860 sliding microtome and Caroline Bass

Esther Peters esther.peters <@t> verizon.net
Fri Sep 14 12:43:40 CDT 2007

I have two of those long blades that I would be interested in selling to 
or trading for other supplies with someone!

Esther Peters
George Mason University

Gayle Callis wrote:
> Caroline,
> If you send me your slowmail, US postal service address, I will send 
> you a manual on the effective use and proper care of the microtome.  
> This little green booklet (collectors item!) tells how to operate the 
> 860 along with other AO microtomes (820 and freezing microtome).  I 
> found an extra copy in my file this past month.
> As for disposable blades in this sliding microtome, we always used a c 
> profile steel knife, a gigantic blade 200 mm long, for study, 
> vibration free operation.  The clamp may not work with a disposable 
> holder.  Dorn and Hart is a good place to get 
> resharpening/reconditioning of the blades or do that with a 
> ThermoShandon whatever name now knife sharpener.  This was a superb 
> sharpener and the microtome is a oldie but a goodie, heavy duty finger 
> amputator.  We also used Bear Oil, a microtome oil which is still 
> available although Rene's suggestion for the Leica oil is ideal too.
> Be careful, these microtomes are very efficient for sectioning and 
> cutting YOU!!!    It was the first sliding microtome I used for 
> sectioning celloidin embedded monkey temporal mandibular joints back 
> in 1963.   It was fun, but I did work with closed doors during its 
> operation to avoid the startle factor during sectioning.  I kept my 
> fingers, arms, etc intact.
> Good luck with your "new" toy.
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