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   Anybody  have  an  experiences  with  the  Nemisis from BioCare?

   appreciate any feed back. Thanks


   Christine Tambasco, HT (ASCP)


   St Marys Hospital, Amsterdam NY


HI Christine,

I've been working with the Biocare team and using the Nemesis stainer
since its introduction a few years ago.

I now supervise a busy IHC lab.  

The Nemesis Stainer can accommodate any reagent, and is in my opinion
very flexible.  I need to try out novel antibodies for our Research
Institute and I need to be able to run any kind of detection as well as


>From the clinical aspect, it can accommodate a higher volume of slides
with the cost per slide being relatively low.  This is comparing it to
the cost per slide of another stainer I use that has software and
reagents that must be bought from that instrument company.

Our lab relies on instrumentation that bar codes the slides as well as
the reagents. The Nemesis has this feature and can read the slides and
reagents very quickly to get the run started fast.  It also checks the
volumes of the reagents before the run, so this is nice for our lab,


Since I've worked with the Biocare reagents, I have a high level of
confidence in them. I use the Mach 3 and 4 detection systems and the
Automated wash buffer on all of the slides I run on the Nemesis.  In my
experience the Biocare products have demonstrated for me high quality
and consistent results. Any problems I have encountered have mostly been
due to my unfamiliarity with a reagent or protocol... To that I have
turned to Biocare for support and I have the highest confidence in
Biocare's Tech Support group.  I have had a few adjustments to my
instrument over the years and I have experienced immediate response to
all of my requests for service.  Biocare is proactive with preventative
maintenance.  They schedule with me before I need to call them and ask
for it.   My lab would be sorely hampered without this work horse
processing an average 150 slides/day.


If you'd like, I'll be glad to run a few of your slides for you on this

Hope this helps.



Anatomic Pathology

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare



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