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I don't know if CAP covers chemical storage, but in a sense it 
doesn't matter. In the US, the federal OSHA does, and in this case 
OSHA is who matters. By OSHA regs, flammables must be stored in a 
properly built and labeled flammable-chemical locker, and acids and 
bases stored separately from flammables and from each other, and are 
supposed to be in specially made and labeled storage lockers, 
although my experience with acids and bases is that special lockers 
are absolute requirements, if the amounts aren't large and the 
chemicals are stored properly and separately. Further, these storage 
cabinets are supposed to be individually vented to the outside of the 
building -- at least, the flammables locker is. Again, this 
regulation doesn't seem to be an absolute.
There are more requirements I don't recall off hand, but your 
institution's safety people should have those regs.
OSHA can, will, and has shut down and fined facilities that violate 
chemical storage and handling regulations (we just had a visit from 
the state version, no problems that I heard of, but ...). By 
"facilities", I don't mean industrial or commercial, but colleges, 
hospitals, and the like.


>somwhere,but I can't recall. did you look at the CAP regulations -it 
>may be there. We keep them
>seperate and always have. Even the acids are seperate form the 
>bases. They can and will cross
>react. Rusted a few hinges in a cabinet once.
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