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The trichrome-dyesolutions usually have a ph from 1-3. I think, that is
strongly acid.
My tipp is, to try it on a control slide and see what happens. Or just rinse
the ready stained ihc-slide in an acid solution.
If you don't mind, that the trichrome results aren't very brilliant, you can
ommit the bouin-step.

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I would think it would be fine as long as you avoid strong acids. Try it 
on a spare slide before doing the important stuff. Also, intensifying 
the DAB with nickel, nickel+cobalt, osmium vapors, silver or a 
commercial product like Vector's Intense would be worth a try.


Walters, Katherine S wrote:

>Question-Will a slide stained with DAB hold up to a Masson's trichrome
>stain?  I am worried about losing the DAB precipitate.  Specifically, I
>want a stain that will demonstrate fibrosis and a cytokine antibody on
>the same slide.  Does anyone have any ideas about how to do this?
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