[Histonet] About the Kurabo AS-200 sectioning instrument.

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Thu Mar 22 12:11:47 CDT 2007

   Has  anyone  found  out  the price in US dollars including setup and    shipping?
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   Subject:    Dear Collea    Yesterday  I  e-mailed Kurabo Industries Ltd. asking for addit   information about the AS-200 instrument and today I received their an   swer.
    Mr. Hiroomi Ipposhi from the Bio-Medical Department sent me    that pritty much says the same thing as was posted.
    The  in   in  2  hours  or    same  2  hours  for  an  ave   transferred on a film.
    Th   blocks/hour   instrument's  prod   of the upper end, and ju    Starts sectioning at a pre-determin   would  be  on  large  specimens several mm thi   control slides.
    I  don't  think  could  be in a   received daily in the histology lab. Kurabo Bio-Medical can be reached
    bio <@t> ad.kurabo.co.jp     It  is a textiles manufac   ago  during  the  Meiji  Revolution     biomedical instruments only a few years ago    I thought you may be interested in knowing!
    René J.
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