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  There is a method (Ralph, 1941) that uses 1% benzidine. I would NOT use since benzidine is highly toxic.
  Goulliart (1941) uses acetic acid with KI to later examine under polarized light (looking for the so called Teichmann crystals).
  Dunn (1946) stains frozen sections with a rippen solution of cyanol in acidified water, counterstained with an acid safranin solution.
  O'Brien (1961) describes a method using the hemoglobin catalase reaction with peroxide and o-dianisidine.
  All these methods could make "havoc" into your well structured and "safe" routine. Try to convince your investigator that Prussian blue is enough (that is what I would do).
  René J.

Derek Papalegis <derek.papalegis <@t> tufts.edu> wrote:
  Hi All,
An investigator has asked me to stain some sections for hemoglobin. I 
have already provided him with an iron stain and he wants to go further 
with it. Can anyone recommend a stain specifically for hemoglobin? I 
have found some for hemosiderin but I am unsure as to if they will be 
sufficient. If someone could let me know what stain they use and what 
the procedure is I would greatly appreciate it.


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