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Hello all, 

I've been doing histology for only about a year and am in the middle of a study on reproductive biology of goatfish, Mullidae, and most of my stuff has turned out well, with only minor problems. But, my question is this...does anyone know a reliable source to which I can send preserved ovaries to be embedded, sectioned, made into slides and stained with H & E?? I've been doing this myself but it would cut a lot of time out of my project if I could send them out, and unfortunately our university's histological prowess is lacking. A fellow grad student of mine said she'd sent them to Louisiana State I believe, but I cannot get a hold of her. Any suggestions would be welcomed! 


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> Derek:
>  There is a method (Ralph, 1941) that uses 1% benzidine. I would 
> NOT use since benzidine is highly toxic.
>  Goulliart (1941) uses acetic acid with KI to later examine under 
> polarized light (looking for the so called Teichmann crystals).
>  Dunn (1946) stains frozen sections with a rippen solution of 
> cyanol in acidified water, counterstained with an acid safranin 
> solution.  O'Brien (1961) describes a method using the hemoglobin 
> catalase reaction with peroxide and o-dianisidine.
>  All these methods could make "havoc" into your well structured 
> and "safe" routine. Try to convince your investigator that Prussian 
> blue is enough (that is what I would do).
>  René J.
> Derek Papalegis <derek.papalegis <@t> tufts.edu> wrote:
>  Hi All,
> An investigator has asked me to stain some sections for hemoglobin. 
> I 
> have already provided him with an iron stain and he wants to go 
> further 
> with it. Can anyone recommend a stain specifically for hemoglobin? 
> I 
> have found some for hemosiderin but I am unsure as to if they will 
> be 
> sufficient. If someone could let me know what stain they use and 
> what 
> the procedure is I would greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks!
> -Derek
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