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Vikki, people are often resistant to entering data, but when they can
use that data later they usually realize the value. In this case it
would seem that being able to find slides easily would make life easier
for everyone. It may mean pain now, but the results will be satisfying
later ( Gee, Dr., you have 200 slide folders in your office, do you
think that one slide you need might be in here somewhere?!?!). 

Tim Morken

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We have people sign out blocks/slides in a log, force them to put
cardboard labels where the slides/blocks were pulled from the file (for
quick reference), and they are signed out within our computer system.  

CAP regulations aside...this is a MUST for your own sanity.  Good
control over materials being taken out of the histo lab can save you
from hours of fruitless searching, blame being placed on YOU for losing
it & possible litigation if the patient or his/her lawyer shows up
demanding these materials.  Since you are the manager, I would strongly
suggest you disregard the "strong resistance" you are meeting and track
these things very closely for the benefit of both yourself & your
employees. Those who resist the strongest are surely the ones that will
pull these materials and then swear up and down that it wasn't them.

Best of Luck,

Glen Dawson
IHC Manager
Milwaukee, WI 

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At 10:57 AM 1/9/2007, Victoria Baker wrote:
>Good morning all!
>It's been a while since I've done clinical Histology so, please bear 
>with me if I ask questions that I really SHOULD know!  In the last 
>clinical lab I worked in we had a sign out book that was used by 
>everyone in the lab if they removed a block, a slide or a specimen from

>the "physical" histology space.  It was to be compliant with a certain 
>CAP regulation.
>Currently I am a supervisor in a Histology lab that didn't keep a sign 
>out book and with my taking the position I implemented one.  It is 
>meeting with strong resistance.  I did check the New CAP checklist and 
>it only refers to signing out of Histological materials from the lab 
>for legal purposes.
>Can any of you share with me what your policy is for this in your lab?
>Thanks in advance.
>Vikki Baker
>PS - A thank you to all the people who responded to me about my stray 
>cats I very much appreciated the assistance and support.
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I don't know if it is a hard rule however, we have sign out sheets for
any materials, slides or blocks leaving this laboratory.  We are GLP so
we need this in place however, even if we were not I would have it to be
sure I know where the slides and blocks are and who took them. Someone
will always ask for the one that went out the door.  When you don't know
who took it or where it is you will be the one catching you know what
for letting it disappear.  I would keep pushing if possible and ask if
they have ever lost a slide by letting it go to another hospital or area
and needed it back only to find no one knew where or when.  In medical
legal cases missing an important slide is really bad news and it

Best Regards,

Pamela A Marcum
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