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We had to process bone with cold methyl alcohol fixation into glycol
methacrylate (GMA) without decal to get the enzyme alk phos method to work.
It is also very sensitive to heat so you really have to avoid heat during
polymerization and other times.

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One of our graduate students has a question that I hoped someone in 
histonetland might be able to answer from their experience.
Thank you in advance,   John
> Subject: Osteoblast Staining
> I have been trying to do Alk.Phos. staining of paraffin embedded, EDTA 
> decalcified rat tibiae, using the Sigma kit #86 without success. I was 
> wondering if anyone has had any success with this? Also, I was 
> wondering if anyone had tried to do osteoblast staining with X-Gal, or 
> any other stain? Thank you for your assistance!   Erik Waldorff
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