[Histonet] Re: Paper biopsy bags also called "tea bags"

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Thu Feb 1 08:19:01 CST 2007

We just started purchasing these biopsy bags from Mercedes medical. Their 
price was almost half of what our other quotes were.

Sheila Adey HT MLT
Port Huron Hospital

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>Subject: [Histonet] Re: Paper biopsy bags also called "tea bags"
>Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 20:56:56 EST
>Vikki Baker asks:
> >>I'm looking to buy the paper biopsy bags for our smaller tissues. We 
>to get them from Fisher, but they have discontinued it. Is anyone out there
>getting these still?<<
>These are actually made of a porous nylon mesh. There's more than one size,
>and you want the smallest. It's handy to have a small plastic funnel to 
>the fixative and the specimen through the bag. The mesh is very fine, and 
>nothing escapes from it.
>These were available from Shandon about six years ago. I guess you can 
>get them from whatever Shandon is called this week. I don't have a catalog.
>They're called "tea bags" because a lot of people used to buy empty tea 
>to enclose small specimens, more convenient for both the grosser and the
>embedder than the traditional lens paper. Tea bags are made out of very 
>abaca fiber. I think they're obsolete in the histologiy lab, and I don't 
>whether they're still available at all.
>I've recently acquired an elderly locum tenens client (sheesh, he's only a
>year and a half younger than ME) who still insists on using lens paper.
>Bob Richmond
>Samurai Pathologist
>Knoxville TN
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