[Histonet] fresh kidney bx

eileen dusek eileen_dusek <@t> yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 10:03:37 CST 2007

Hi Everyone,
  I have been in Histology for a looong time and have met my match. I recently have new duties involving kidney bxs. We receive a formalin, EM, and Michels (Zuess) fixed specimens.
  The Formalin and EM bx are not an issue, the Michels is kicking by butt!
  I transfer the specimen from Michels to PBS, to rinse the fixative, for about 2-3 mins of agitation. After the PBS the specimen goes into the first OCT. This is swirled for another 2-3mins. I repeat this process again.
  My problem is I get specimens that have too much freezing artifact. The structures are "blown up" and not compact.
  I appreciate any suggestions to help the problem         Thanks
  Eileen Dusek

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