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Just a note on endoscopic specimens...I work in a lab that processes these specimens exclusively and we have found that using cassettes that do not require the use of sponges or filter paper or biopsy bags seem to allow the tissue to maintain it's natural shape.  When a biopsy is taken from the GE tract, the tissue tends to curl into a "C" shape due to the tissue contracting when the biopsy is taken.  This "C" shape is what helps us orient these biopsies so well.  If you ensure the the "C" is put on edge, then the orientation will be correct.  You can also face all the "C"'s in the same direction to ensure the epitheliums all line up (I know--just a little anal, but it all depends on what your pathologist wants :)  )The other method we use is a piece of black paper at the embedding station.  The tech who uses this actually places the biopsies on the paper.  This allows her (she needs reading glasses) to be able to see the orientation of the tissue more clearly.
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I was under the impression that most biopsies done with this procedure
were like skin shave bx's, that is that they are disc shaped usually and
need to be embedded on end in order to see all layers of mucosa. Often
they come in all shapes and we do the best we can.
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Does anyone have any suggetions (other than eosin in the processor) to
assist in have the endoscopic biopsies orientated on the proper plane
when embedded. I feel we have too high of a percentage that are not
getting embedded properly.

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