[Histonet] APTS Coating of Microscope Slides

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I had to use FrostedPlus slides for everything because the doctors would 
order IHC on anything, including GMS, PAS and H&E slides. Although I told 
them it was expensive, it fell on deaf ears.
    Have you tried another company with better pricing? Have you added your 
time cost to prep the slides, coat them and dry them? Do you use many 
    I used to coat my slides with 15% Elmer's glue, Never again. I guess I 
would stay with the FrostedPlus slides, but, that's me.

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Back when I was a lad I coated all of my own slides using APTS, or 

It worked pretty well at keeping sections on the slides.  We have been using 
Superfrost Plus charged slides for a while now, but it is costing us about 
$500.00 per month just in slides.

Can anyone think of a reason I ought not to go back to just coating my own 
slides?  Will the coated slides themselves change color over time, interfere 
with my stains, etc?

I do mostly Movat Pentachrome stains and IHC.


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