[Histonet] APTS Coating of Microscope Slides

JR R rosenfeldtek <@t> hotmail.com
Tue Aug 28 17:22:17 CDT 2007

Back when I was a lad I coated all of my own slides using APTS, or (3-Aminopropyl)trimethoxysilane.
It worked pretty well at keeping sections on the slides.  We have been using Superfrost Plus charged slides for a while now, but it is costing us about $500.00 per month just in slides. 
Can anyone think of a reason I ought not to go back to just coating my own slides?  Will the coated slides themselves change color over time, interfere with my stains, etc?
I do mostly Movat Pentachrome stains and IHC.

Jerry L. Ricks
Research Scientist
U.W. Medicine at South Lake Union
Department of Pathology
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