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Fellow Histonetters

I know I brought this topic up once before, but, as I did not meet up with
any success last time, I'd like to try my small request one last time.

I am currently working on my Histotechnology degree. I have been working
exclusively with a small research firm in Histology. My studies cover some
of what I need to know now, but not sufficiently yet. The basis of my
request is to see if anyone can either Donate or Loan these books to myself.
I can not really afford to purchase the books New (or even used at most
places) as I have many other additional text books that need to be purchased
that arent on the budget.

There are a number of excellent textbooks out there. There are 3 in
particular that I would really like to get a copy of (old or current,
beggers can not be choosers) are most important to bringing my skills and
knowledge up to par. These texts are:

* Basic Histology Text & Atlas (10th Edition) (Junqueira & Carneiro)Lange
* Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques 5th Edition,
  Edited by John Bancroft and Marilyn Gamble
* Lynch's Medical Laboratory Technology (3rd edition or better) Volume 1 and
2 if Posibile

And finally any textbooks relating to Vet Medicine, Zoology, Gross Human
Anatomy, and any atlases for mouse, rat, human compatable structures, etc.

I am a student, and not making the real big bucks yet. So therefore I am
asking anyone if they could possibly donate or Loan any of these text books.
The books can then be either returned to their original owners, or they can
be donated to the next student in need of some additonal reading.

If anyone is willing to Donate these books, please E-Mail me direct for the
shipping information.

Thank You for your time and generousity.

Joe Kapler

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