[Histonet] alcohol fixation image (2nd try)

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I can do better than that!
I am sending you ( in a separate e-mail) photomicraphs of adjacent samples 
of human ileum optimally fixed in formaldehyde and alcohol.
In addition I have also included the same material 'routinely' underfixed 
fixed in formaldehyde (8hours) then processed on a VIP.
You can see the obvious differences in nuclear chromatin detail and 
shrinkage produced by alcohol fixation, the 'routinely' fixed material shows 
an intermediate morphology!
In addition, there are differences in staining produced by the fixation.
All sections were cut at the same thickness (4 micrometers) and stained by 
H&E in the same run.

Hope this helps.


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Geoff and Bryan,
Unfortunatly I have no access to these books. But I hoped someone could
describe in a few words the essential differences between formalin and
formalin-fixed tissue.

Gudrun Lang

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I recall that an early edition (1960's or so) of one of the major
histology texts (Bloom and Fawcett's, A Textbook of Histology I think)
had drawing of how and intestinal epithelial cell would look after
various fixatives. Also try some older editions (pre 1960's) of Maximow
and Bloom, Bailey, Ham etc, all of the major histo texts that are too
long and encyclopedic for today's medical student.


Gudrun Lang wrote:
> Hi,
> I have to admit, that I need help with basic histotechnical knowledge.
> Please, can someone describe me the "alcohol fixation image" of tissue,
> especially chromatin?
> And would poorly formalin-fixed tissue show less chromatin-structure or
> intense chromatin-structure, after the usual VIP-processing.
> (50-70-96-96-100-100 alc.) due to the ethanol-effect?
> Thanks in advance
> Gudrun Lang
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