[Histonet] Slide Staining Variability

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we have had the same problem on all three machines. To date, it has been: 
technician error, failure to remove a yellow locking ring, vortex mixer, 
slide warmer not hot enough, slide warmer too hot, dispenser not working, 
Venus is not aligned with Mars. Most of the time we have had to get a 
service rep out to repair something or other. One machine has had the 
carousel replaced twice. Need I say more?
    Oh yeah, I know you're here, go call my employer like you did last time. 
Oh, I should say "former" employer.
    Once again, the views of this editorial are my own and I have not been 
coerced, drugged, or beaten with a feather.

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We have had some of these same problems and it is always been a nozzle
or mixer problem.  Do you perform regular PM's?  The reaction buffer ph
could also be off, that can cause varied staining.


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For those of you who use automated IHC staining systems, has anyone had
issues with part of the slide staining and the rest of the slide not? We
have adopted the policy of placing the control on with the patient
tissue as a more comprehensive check of the system. However, we
occasionally find the control is acceptable but the patient fails to
even counterstain. This has been an intermittent problem on the Ventana
Benchmark for some time, but the frequency has been increasing to almost

Any thoughts?

Annette J Hall
Histo/Cyto/Micro Supervisor
United Clinical Laboratories
Dubuque, IA 52001

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Subject: [Histonet] Leica autostainer w/integrated coverslipper

Could anyone tell me if they're using the Leica AutoStainer XL (ST5010)
with the integrated coverslipper (CV5030)? Also, can you tell me if
you've experienced any trouble with it and how long you've been using

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