[Histonet] need a sliding/freezing microtome

Susan Bachus susanbachus <@t> verizon.net
Mon Apr 9 15:54:23 CDT 2007

If anyone out there has an old (but functional [cosmetic appearance not a 
concern]) sliding/freezing microtome collecting dust that you would like to 
sell,  we suddenly &  urgently need one (and also have some money to pay for 
one, fortunately).   Either the old fashioned kind with a tray for dry ice 
or the newer "cryo-electronic" freezing kind would be fine.   We're in N. 
Virginia so if there's a lab in the DC/MD/VA area interested in selling one, 
I could probably drive to where you are to pick it up.    Thanks for your 
consideration!    Susan 

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