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Dear List:

    There are lots of good histology books out there, almost any edition 
of Wheater is good, as are Color Textbook of Histology by Gartner and 
Hiatt or
Basic Histology by Junqueira and Carnerio. The atlas by Gartner and 
Hiatt is also very good.
    I am very surprised to see anyone recommend the Ross, Kaye and 
Pawlina book (see Andrea Hooper's reply below). I reviewed this book for 
the publisher and I found it to be noticably inferior to the earlier 
editons by Ross and Romrell.


Andrea Hooper wrote:

> My favorite human histology book for the lab lately is:
> Histology: A Text and Atlas
> With Cell and Molecular Biology
> Michael H. Ross
> Gordon I. Kaye
> Wokciech Pawlina
> ISBN: 0-683-30242-6 (I am sure there is probably a new edition)
> It puts histology into a functional context. The detail is quite 
> complete and has been the key to understanding several of our findings 
> in the lab here lately.
> And a good comprehensive mouse histology text is like the holy grail 
> unfortunately. Luckily there are several specialized histology texts 
> and atlases which do the trick in a pinch like the phenomal Paxinos 
> atlases for mouse brain (adult and during development) and The Atlas 
> of Mouse Development (Kaufmann, ISBN 0-12-402035-6) for embryogenesis.
>> At 04:37 AM 4/5/2007, you wrote:
>>> Please could someone suggest a good  book on mouse and human
>>> pathology(histology) for research Histologists

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